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Earliest photo of 'The Hustlers,' Greg O'Donnell (left) Sean Kelly (centre) and Robert O'Donnell (right). Note the groovy self made pin-on 'H' monograms. Circa 1958.
Lounge room performance from the Brothers. Robert (left),  Greg (right). Circa 1959.
The boys warming up before heading out for another impromptu neighborhood concert performance. Circa 1960.
Left to right - John Metherell, Robert O'Donnell, Greg O'Donnell and Sean Kelly.
Seen here performing on stage to a packed house in the hugely successful Johnny Cooper Talent Quest, Hamilton.
The group were popular with the audiences and voted runners up in the grand final. Circa 1960. 
Left to right - Robert O'Donnell, John Metherell, Sean Kelly, Greg O'Donnell.
All dressed up and ready to perform. 
Left to right - Robert O'Donnell, Sean Kelly, Greg O'Donnell, John Metherell. Circa 1962.
Robert and Greg vocal harmonizing at an early gig in Hamilton. Circa 1962.
TheO'DonnellBrosWebHeader Gtrs.jpg
Robert's first electric six string.
An Egmond guitar converted to
left handed.
Greg's first electric bass guitar.
A locally made Commodore.
St John's College Hamilton School Ball. Circa 1962. 
Left to right - Robert O'Donnell, Greg O'Donnell, Sean Kelly, John Metherell.
TheO'DonnellBrosWebHeader Gtrs.jpg
Private function Hamilton. Circa 1966. 
Left to right - Robert O'Donnell, Ken Murphy, Sean Kelly, Greg O'Donnell.
On stage Friday night at the Three Musicians Club Hamilton. Circa 1966. 
Left to right - Greg O'Donnell, Robert O'Donnell,  Ken Murphy, Sean Kelly (drums rear).
The boys twice a week practice session in the basement of Graeme Webber's family home. Practice sessions could be quite intense. This was where the musical arrangements were rehearsed to achieve a high standard of presentation. 
TheO'DonnellBrosWebHeader Gtrs.jpg
Image - Auckland Covers Band for Hire - Weddings, Corporate or Private Functions -
Robert (far left)) and Greg (far right) and their Auckland band, The Music Convention perform at an outdoor concert at Corban's Vineyards Henderson, Auckland. Circa 1973. This composite photo was used to promote the band's musical contribution to the movie  'Children of the Sun'.
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