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The O'Donnell Brothers - ‘Back in the Day...'

’Welcome to our new studio album; a collection of recently written songs showcasing a snapshot of our musical journey spanning more than six decades.

For us, it began in the 1960's in our early teens, when Rock ‘n Roll music first swept into town. It captured our imagination. We were hooked. We couldn’t walk away.
Looking back, we agree Rock ‘n Roll was the pivotal influence that changed our lives.

From those early days in Hamilton, New Zealand where we taught ourselves to play, music has presented incredible opportunities that have taken us all over the world.


Back in the Day, we loved the joy of playing music to live audiences along with our good friends Sean Kelly, John Metherell, Ken Murphy and Graeme Webber.

It was during this period our creative musical abilities began to stir and we started writing our own music. We wrote and recorded a number of originals that were released by prestigious USA record label RCA (we were honoured to be the first New Zealand recording artists to do so). We later wrote and recorded many other original compositions including the music soundtrack for New Zealand's first full length feature surfing movie 'Children of the Sun’.

Over the decades we have continued to write and play music. We still perform live - these days as a duo.

The challenging times of Covid gave us an unexpected gift; the opportunity to step back from our live performances and devote our creative energies to writing and recording our own original material. The result is this album.

We are proud to release this repertoire of our original compositions, exploring the melodies, harmonies, styles and rhythms of an iconic period in history, where Rock ‘n Roll music had such an irresistible impact on a generation. And still does.

Comprising 14 originals, this collection of music embraces songs of joy, sadness, heartbreak, hope and love - topics most people can relate to.

It gives us great joy to present our latest album. We hope you will enjoy.


Robert and Greg O'Donnell - The O’Donnell Brothers

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