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Throughout the years from the 60's up to the present day Robert and Greg O'Donnell and their Auckland Band
The Music Convention have been fortunate to have been involved in many promotional events.  
We are proud to showcase some of these in the following photographs.
Promotional photo for Movie 'Charge of the Light Brigade'. The Music Convention were commissioned to compose and record the title track for this international movie release. Photo location was staged using a restored 18th century cannon on the foreshore at Auckland's Royal Akarana Yacht Club Okahu Bay.
Image - Auckland Covers Band for Hire - Parties, Weddings, Social Club events -
TheO'DonnellBrosWebHeader Gtrs.jpg
Poster promoting New Zealand's first full length feature surfing movie 'Children of the Sun'. Original music composed by The Music Convention.
A clip from the title track of the movie 'Children of the Sun.' 
Composed by Robert and Greg O'Donnell. Circa 1968.
One of the many fun filled cruise nights the band enjoyed while performing on board P&O Shipping Lines South Pacific tours  Circa 1973. 
Left to right - Robert O'Donnell,
Graeme Webber (keyboards), Greg O'Donnell, Sean Kelly (drums rear),  Rick Van Bokhoven (bass).
Wacky! Zaney! Over The Top? The Music Convention's self-made video to promote their first RCA release 'Have You Seen My Limousine.' Filmed in and around Auckland's Cornwall Park this was the group's first venture into self promotion. Shot with a Super 8 camera, the film reels lay hidden for 40+ years and when rediscovered (virtually unharmed) were quickly converted to digital format to prevent any further aging (our thanks to Larry Killip for his professionalism in converting this rare video and audio footage). Circa 1968. 
Music Convention - Robert O'Donnell, 
Greg O'Donnell, Sean Kelly, Graeme Webber. Max Carpenter (stand in actor).
Live outdoor stage performance at the Auckland Easter Show. Circa 1975. 
Left to right - Robert O'Donnell,
Brett Neilsen (drums rear), Greg O'Donnell, Max Wolfgram (keyboards).
(Above and Below). Live outdoor performance at Auckland's Viaduct Basin, to farewell the anti-nuclear Mururoa Peace Flotilla. Circa 1995. 
Left to right - Bill Hill,  Robert O'Donnell, Ian Inglis (drums -partially obscured) Greg O'Donnell, John Mitchell (keyboards) RIP.
TheO'DonnellBrosWebHeader Gtrs.jpg
(Above and Below). Piha Surf Club 25th Anniversary reunion performance at North Piha venue. Circa 1990. 
Left to right - Graeme Webber (keyboards),  Robert O'Donnell, Dennis Winters (drums) Greg O'Donnell, Larry Killip.
In 2013, The Music Convention were honored to be included on a Real Groovy Records compilation album of influential New Zealand groups from the 60's and 70's who were pioneers in exploring new boundaries of music.
Two of The Music Convention's many original compositions 'Belly Board Beat' and 'Footprints On My Mind' appear on this rare album release featuring the achievements of some of New Zealand's ground breaking bands and musicians.
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