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A Complimentary Blast From The Past!

We - (or more correctly) - our younger selves have recently been listed as one of the Top Five influential artists who spearheaded the development of 'Surfing Music' in New Zealand. Our self composed track 'Bellyboard Beat' (above) featuring original drummer Sean Kelly, was one of the many music tracks we wrote for the soundtrack of New Zealand's first full length feature movie 'Children of the Sun' produced and filmed by Andy McAlpine of McAlpine Productions in 1968. Time and decay have rendered most of these recorded tapes to the dustbin of history. Fortunately a few tracks remain. Here is the theme track we wrote for the movie 'Children of the Sun' which captures the mood of New Zealand's 'surf, sand and sun' culture of the 60's.

More of our history. We were here way back then.

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